Sunday, March 23, 2014


Outstanding Person of the Month:
Jim Clark

Jim Clark was born March 23,1944 in Plainview, Texas. Jim is a co-founder of Silcon Valley giant Netscape, but it was his timely investments into companies like Apple, Facebook and Twitter that put the former High School dropout and current serial entrepreneur into the billionaires club.

Jim dropped out of high school after being suspended, and spent four years in the Navy where he was introduced to electronics. Mr. Clark began taking night courses at Tulane University's University College where, despite his lack of a high school diploma, he was able to earn enough credits to be admitted to the University of New Orleans.

There, Clark earned his Bachelor's and a Master's degree in physics, followed by a Ph.D in computer science from the University of Utah in 1974.

Mr. Clark later went on to become a professor at Stanford University.

He is now officially retired and lives with his wife Kristy Hinze, a former Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated model, and his young daughter.

He says he leads a relatively comfortable life collecting art, with several pieces from Monet to Matisse, and he also collects fine and vintage wines.

Our congratulations to Mr. Jim Clark the ISR Outstanding Person of the Month.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

ISR CHILL JAZZ ONLINE: George Benson - "Kisses In The Moon Light"

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